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Other pages

Add listing page (Divi Layout)

The “Add Listing” page is where your site visitors will add and edit their listings and see the confirmation message that their listings has been submitted.

Divi Section
Divi Code module

Terms and Conditions page(Divi Layout)

The Terms and Conditions page is where you can add any legal or site terms for sharing with site visitors.

Divi Section
Divi Code module

Home page

Divi Layout with Gutenberg block widgets:

  1. Search form global #0
  2. Home categories #4, Home categories mobile #6
  3. Home locations #5
  4. Home Listings #2
  5. Home reviews #3

Other Divi Layout pages (edit like normal Divi Page)

Blog, Contact, DiviGeo pressets Style 1, Landing Page, Pricing, Privacy policy, GD T&Cs.

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