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  1. Before you buy DiviGeo, check our documentation so you can see if you can make your business directory like DiviGeo in our demo. After reading the documentation carefully, you will find out how we created DiviGeo.
  2. Themes, layouts and sections are abstract digital products and are absolute. All the membership purchases you make are refundablei n just some specific cases. Read our Refund Policy.

What is DiviGeo?

DiviGeo is a child theme and a set of Divi Pages Layouts for the Divi theme and WP Geo Directory plugin. It empowers you to create a business directory. In the demo:, we use three paid extensions of the WP Geo Directory plugin:

Location Manager ($49)
This add-on allows you to expand your city directory to a global directory, or anything in between. It supports Country, Region, City, and Neighbourhood, enabling users to browse and add listings as they prefer.

Pricing Manager ($49)
The Pricing Manager add-on is a comprehensive tool that helps you monetise your directory efficiently, using a pay-per-listing business model. You can accept payments via the GetPaid plugin or with WooCommerce.

Claim Listings ($49)
The Claim Listings add-on enables users to submit a claim for a listing. Once approved, they can manage and enhance their listing. It includes a verified badge, along with sorting and filtering by verified status. When combined with the Pricing Manager add-on, the Pay to Claim option is also available.

GeoDirectory Google Analytics ($0)

What is Divi?

Divi is a popular WordPress theme and website builder. It’s developed by Elegant Themes and is known for its flexibility and ease of use. Divi allows users to build and customise their websites directly from the front-end, meaning you can see changes in real time.

Waht is WordPress Geo Directory plugin?

WP GeoDirectory is a powerful and scalable WordPress directory plugin that can transform any WordPress theme into a global business directory portal. This plugin is unique in its ability to scale to millions of listings and withstand high traffic volumes. The free version of WP GeoDirectory is compatible with popular Page Builders and allows users to set their location and start listing. It also includes an intuitive drag-and-drop builder for creating front-end submission forms and a control panel for formatting page templates.

In addition to the free version, WP GeoDirectory offers several paid extensions that enhance its functionality. The Location Manager add-on is essential for directory websites that cover more than one city. The Advanced Search add-on expands the default GeoDirectory search widget by adding a range of filters such as Search Autocompleter and GeoLocation Proximity Search Radius. The Custom Post Types add-on simplifies the management of large, diverse directories by harnessing the full power of WordPress custom post types to offer and manage multiple listing categories. These paid extensions, along with others, can help users create a world-class directory on their WordPress site.

How to create a website like the Demo?

If the Location Manager, Pricing Manager, or Claim Listings add-ons aren’t necessary for your needs, you can utilise the free Geo Directory plugin. However, you will need to have Divi licenses and purchase the DiviGeo theme Layout pack. Optionally, you can also get our $69 care package, which includes the installation and setup as per our demo (excluding paid extensions).

DiviGeo will be available for purchase on Monday, 26th June 2023 (in a week). Additionally, we provide the installation of DiviGeo, similar to the demo at, as part of the $69 Care package (excluding paid extensions).

In summary, to create a website like the Demo:

Purchase and install the Divi theme.
Install the WP Geodirectory plugin and buy the required extensions, if necessary.
Purchase the DiviGeo Child Theme (available for purchase next Monday, with technical documentation being prepared).
We also offer a service to create a business directory resembling (or any other directory-type site based Geo directory plugin) without the need for a Divi and WP Geo Directory license. This service starts at $1000, inclusive of tax (VAT). Please note that the cost of the plugins alone is $367, excluding tax:

Geo Directory All Add-ons: $229 each for 12 months
Divi theme: $89
DiviGeo: $69 each for 12 months